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High Combi: 'HIGH solar fraction heating and cooling systems with COMBInation of innovative components and methods', is a EC co-founded project which aims at developing high solar fraction systems by an innovative combination of optimized solar heating, cooling and storage technologies. More specifically the project actions include the following:

  • The construction of demonstration plants (in Greece, Italy, Austria and Spain) using different technologies, components and control strategies in order to achieve high solar fractions values. Innovative techniques, components and/or configurations have been examined and used (new storage, use of rejected heat during cooling, combined heating and cooling control).

  • Demonstration plants' monitoring, validation of the simulation tools and evaluation of the plants performance.

  • Market analysis with an estimation of the potential penetration of similar systems in the European heating and cooling market.

The sectors of the implementation are all medium and large buildings end-users having heating and cooling loads along the year.

Dedication to Tomas
The whole High-Combi project is dedicated to the memory of our colleague and friend Dr. Tomas Núñez (1965-2011), Fraunhofer ISE, who was a member of the High-Combi team and a leading expert on solar cooling in Germany and Europe.

High-combi team with Tomas
High-combi team with Tomas
High-combi team at the end of the project
High-combi team at the end of the project



innovative seasonal storage

A collection of information on the latest developments in seasonal thermal energy storages , including interviews with the sector’s experts, is under way.


solar field

Field of evacuated tube collectors in a combined solar heating and cooling plant.


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